Long Weekend Well Spent

Another photos to add up, another amazing moments experienced. 

It was a long weekend when we went to Bohol. I never thought that short days will add up on my unforgettable experiences. Throughout this blog, I will talk about how splendid and unforgettable my travel did.




So, my cousins planned the trip last July and the date was settled on September. I was worried about the scheduled dates from the fact that those days was also scheduled for our exams. It was a great news that time when I heard that exams are moved. Welp! God answered my prayers tho.

We left Cebu around five in the morning and arrived at Bohol around six. The target was to finish the road trip round Bohol  until afternoon and check in at the resort at three o' clock. 

 First stop was at the famous Chocolate Hills

Pardon that face of mine. lol!

Next stop was the Butterfly Sanctuary. Sadly it rained and butterflies were hiding. Another thing that I liked there was there ice cream candy, tasty and milky, on the contrary, the packaging ruined the taste. It's when you tasted the ink of the printing that's the time you find it disgusting.

A female and male butterfly.

Third stop was at the tarsiers. I was excited back then dreaming of having a selfie with them and will carry them, sadly, they are not allowed to be touched nor taking selfies with them. Atleast I was able to see how tiny they were.

Just a picture of the tickets. Credits to my cousin.

We also went to Bohol Bee Farm, the ambiance of the place is so relaxing, calm, and peaceful. I tasted their ice cream with a cone made of cassava and trust me, it's also milky and creamy. So tasty but  not too sweet, just enough to satisfy your cravings. I just discovered that you can now find these tasty ice creams  in Ayala Center Cebu,SM City Cebu, SM Seaside Cebu and others. You should also try it.

Spending time together with your family whether it's nuclear or extended family  is worth more than  anything else. It's not about the place you travel, it's about the bond you've made when travelling​.

A Trip To The City of Friendship

Cagayan de Oro—also known as the City of Friendship. Witnessed by myself how friendly are the people living there. T'was a great experience visiting your ancestral home together with your family, meeting your relatives. 

Here, I share my great experiences together with my fam.

The Great Sunrise

On our way to CDO, I waited for a perfect timing to pass by. I captured moments for keeps.

Before we anchored on the island of CDO, I saw the beauty of an amazing sunrise. It was worth to capture.

The place was something like "on aboard" themed so I didn't hesitate to capture a pose by my sister.

Picture Perfect


We lived every moment and seized the time everyday thinking that those days will end. 

We visited University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines Claveria Campus. T'was a huge school. I also take some shots there for keeps.

Me lol

The sunset at USTP

Funny how people capture moments and not living the moments. I admit I'm one of those capturing moments. But I also give time to live every moment. 

Sunflower 💕

Forest Adventure

The vacation won't be a success if an adventure was not made.

Wandering through a place you are not familiar with is exciting. That's how I describe our adventure in CDO. I saw different kinds of flowers which are not present in the city. I took some pictures of them and it was beautiful!


Dandelion 🌼

Bamboo trees

While walking through the forest, the group was triggered by the sudden movement of the bush. We stopped walking and observed what was happening, and then a snake suddenly popped up chasing a frog, that was so frightening. Good thing no one was  harmed. Still, we continued our journey through the forest. 

There were bamboo trees on the area and it was so peaceful, I was mesmerized.

Welp, that sums up on my trip to the City of Friendship. It was unforgettable.